About Us

4i is a company dedicated to providing digital identity services with high security standards. The technological innovations we offer are transformative for companies seeking to be part of a growing digital world. Our group was born from the union of IAFIS, Idéntica and IDAX, who combine our experience in biometric and process control systems to provide a service of excellence in digital identity and mobile authentication.

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We seek to build a reliable and enjoyable world, where everyone can perform safe operations with good experiences.


We work in order to generate convenient and innovative solutions that function as standards for digital security services in Latin America.

4i around the world

At 4i we specialize in the Latin American market, and we are continuously expanding our reach in the region to bring tools that boost the quality of our clients’ work. We are currently present in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Central America.

Sustainable technology

4i’s development of technological innovations has a strong socio-environmental approach. On the one hand, our services are developed and deployed completely digitally, reducing the use of paper, deforestation and waste generation. On the other hand, we ensure that the digital services we provide are highly accessible, allowing their use by audiences with a wide variety of demographics and technological access.