Digital ID

Digital Identity is the new passport to access online services and digital transactions. This fact has made it the key to achieving business efficiency and building modern states that make life easier for its citizens.

¿What's happening in the world?

The world is changing faster and faster, and society embraces change as an engine of development. That is why, from the appearance of smartphones to the most recent advances in biometric systems, technological advances dominate and condition everyday life. The future seems closer and closer, and at 4i we are ready to welcome it.

Advantages/interests of the system


Living person detection

Taking a selfie as proof of life and waiting for authentication is a process that takes less than 20 seconds. The test steps are simple and quick to prevent the user from abandoning the operation.


Device detection

The Biometric App is capable of detecting if someone, instead of taking a selfie, tries to play a video to impersonate another person.


Anti Spoofing

The Biometric App has the ability to detect an artificial object that mimics the unique biological properties of a person. The system must be able to distinguish the artifact (eg, a paper mask) from the actual biological person.



Almost all the logic of the proof of life must be processed, on the citizen’s Smartphone. The SDK is native to Android and iOS, but it is also compatible with frameworks such as Apache Cordoba, Xamarin.



Intuitive user experience. Plug & Play solution adaptable to the use case of the government (public) and service provider (private).



Available on any tablet or mobile device from Android 4 or IOS 8. Compatible with standard OpenId protocols, (FIDO).


Business model

It does not require investment, it is charged per transaction. There is no additional hardware (dongles). We guarantee easy adoption of this technology.



It was tested in the UK, Estonia and India, among many other countries. These tests gave us an endorsement of multiple concrete experiences that, to date, guarantee high security standards.


International certifications

The Biometric App has obtained the most important certifications worldwide: