Digital identity is a key factor for business transformation.

Biometric control systems, Digital Identity and Mobile Authentication.

The future of
business is digital.


Is the identification process which, through a biometric system, allows users to register in a totally digital format, instantly and safely.
Is a method of identity verification that enables companies to authenticate their customers remotely, safely, easily and conveniently.
Is a solution that accelerates the authentication processes for natural and legal persons. Thus, the controls are carried out in a more practical and efficient way, safeguarding the identity of the users.


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Digital ID

Digital Identity is the new passport to access online services and digital transactions. This fact has made it the key to achieving business efficiency and building modern states that make life easier for its citizens.
Now you can pay instantly from your cell phone or with a biometric payment card, securely and leaving behind the system of numeric keys.
Just by showing the face, the identity of the user is verified, which allows to greatly speed up boarding and car rental procedures.
With pre-verification technology and biometric clocks, quick access to stadiums and events is guaranteed without the need for queues and tickets.

About Us

4i is a company formed by IAFIS, Idéntica and IDAX, who combine our experience in biometric and process control systems to provide a service of excellence in digital identity and mobile authentication.


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